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Scots Abandon the Monarchy

Last week we ran a poll with Survation from 25th April to 1st May 2024 to gauge support for the Monarchy in Scotland and how our campaign is doing so far. The results were far better than we were expecting!

In a staggering drop in support for the Monarchy in Scotland – Scots have begun to reject a future under their rule, with support for an elected Head of State reaching 45% ahead of just 34% maintaining their support for the Royal Family and King Charles Windsor in new polling from Survation commissioned by Our Republic. Excluding don’t knows – 57% against 43%.

This marks not only the first time that Scotland has registered such a clear preference for an elected Head of State, but also the first time that any nation in the UK has rejected the Monarchy and made clear their support for a democratic alternative.

This collapse in support has occurred in just one year since Charles’ coronation (, with backing before his claim dropping by over 10% in since polling by YouGov and Michael Ashcroft in 2023.

Nearly 60% of those between 25 and 34 back an Elected Head of State, an overwhelming voice for change, while less than 18% supported the continued rule of the Windsor family. This support for change was shown across almost every region of Scotland, with only South Scotland bucking the trend. 

Republican majorities were also shown across Scottish Green, SNP, Labour, and Liberal Democrat voters. Only Conservative voters were consistently in favour of the Monarchy.

Independence-minded voters overwhelmingly preferred replacing the Monarchy alongside independence, rather than waiting until afterwards. We believe this underlines the importance of our mission, advocating Scotland’s preference for an elected head of state now, and to see Charles as the last Monarch to rule over Scotland.

Scotland is even clearer in their wish to see Charles’ brother Andrew stripped of his title as Earl of Inverness, after years of staining the city by association with his reputation. Over 70% of Scots want his title taken away, including over 60% in every age group and political allegiance.  76% in the Highlands, home of Inverness, want him gone. His position is clearly unsustainable and Charles’ continued support only damages the entire family.

The poll results come ahead of Republic Day on Sunday 5th May – where we’ll be joining groups across the UK promoting their campaigns for change. Join us this Sunday:

This is a hugely significant day for our campaign. We’re proud of the work we have done in recent years to promote the republican cause and normalise republicanism in our politics. 

Coming in the wake of Charles gifting his wife Camilla and brother Edward appointments to Order of the Thistle – Far from winning over the Scottish public this has clearly backfired, with Scots rejecting the entitlement the Monarchy feels to our heritage and the places we call home from their distant manors.

Charles should do the right thing and begin a process of transitioning to the elected head of state that Scots want to see. A first step in that direction should clearly be removing the title of his brother, Andrew, whose atrocious reputation should no longer be associated with the City of Inverness.

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