Our Republic is the Scottish campaign for a Republic.

  • We believe that all power should be democratically accountable.
  • We believe the Monarchy should be brought to an end.
  • We believe the people of Scotland deserve to vote for our head of state.
  • We believe that the people are sovereign.

We invite Scottish Republicans and those interested in Scottish Republicanism to join us and become a member by supporting us on Patreon.

  • Respect By Force
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic As the news of the passing of Elizabeth Windsor filtered out the initial response was relatively subdued. […]
  • A Corrupt and Future King
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic It is the frequent defence of the institution of the Monarchy that it does not do any […]
  • Rekindling the Debate
    On Saturday 4th June we were joined by 100 other people from across Scotland and from as far as Nottingham to call for a Republic […]
  • Rally for a Republic
    As support for the Monarchy falls to an all time low in the run up to the Platinum Jubilee, with only a minority of Scots […]
  • This Annual Charade
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic Is there any more ludicrous display which shows just how out of touch our political system is? […]
  • The National – “Scottish republicans wish Jamaica ‘best of luck’ in abolishing monarchy”
    Our comment was featured in the National in the wake of the visit of William and Kate to Jamaica this week: https://www.thenational.scot/news/20019304.scottish-republicans-wish-jamaica-best-luck/ “As a party to […]
  • Queen’s jubilee sparks fresh debate about the monarchy in Scotland
    The jubilee celebration has triggered fresh debate about the monarch’s role in Scotland, and raised questions over possible heads of state after independence. Our Republic […]
  • In Whose Name?
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic On Wednesday 19th January Prime Minister’s Questions was focused on one thing: The ongoing scandal of parties […]
  • A Quiet Revolution
    By Reuben Duffy – Member of Our Republic Republicanism in modern Scotland is a strange beast. In spite of the sometimes ferocious constitutional debate, there […]
  • The Duchess’ Porridge Preferences
    By Sasha – Equalities Officer of Our Republic — At Our Republic, we prefer to focus on the positive case for a democracy and criticising […]