Political Support

The following politicians have expressed support for our principles as an organisation:

Tommy Sheppard – MP Edinburgh Eastern (SNP): “There are many things to be proud of in Britain, but the class system and the inequality it spawns is not one of them. The monarchy sits at the apex of that system of patronage and privilege. If we strive for an open and inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected, we need to leave this outdated and anachronistic institution behind.”

David Linden – MP Glasgow East (SNP): “Having been sworn into Westminster as an MP twice now, I’ve done so making clear that I am a republican and wish to see an elected Head of State. The monarchy is an outdated relic which makes an utter mockery of democracy.  To be clear, I support moving to a republic.”

Emma Roddick – MSP Highlands and Islands (SNP): “I took my affirmation under protest because I felt it right that my allegiance is with the people I am there to represent and who elected me, rather than the monarchy. It does undermine our legitimacy to start off having to declare our allegiance to the monarchy. I certainly hope the folk we are elected to represent would prefer I put them first instead of the monarchy.”

Maggie Chapman – MSP North East Scotland (Scottish Greens): “[I] support both the dissolution of all special powers and privileges for the royal family in Scotland and the principle of an elected head of state.”

Christine Grahame – MSP Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale (SNP): “I am a republican and have been for decades.”

James Dornan – MSP Glasgow Cathcart (SNP): “As previously stated in the Scottish Parliament I support a full debate and vote/referendum on the future and potential abolition of the monarchy once the existing monarch is no longer in place. I firmly believe in an elected head of state.”

Ariane Burgess – MSP Highland and Islands (Scottish Greens)

Mark Ruskell – MSP Mid-Scotland and Fife (Scottish Greens)

Gillian MacKay – MSP Central Scotland (Scottish Greens)