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The Undemocratic Return of David Cameron

David Cameron

It’s often argued that the institution of Monarchy and other life-long appointments in our country’s politics are merely ceremonial. The appointment of David Cameron as a Lord to enable his commissioning as Foreign Secretary tells us all a very different story.

The Foreign Secretary, one of the most important roles in our government, can no longer be appropriately held to account by our elected politicians. Any sense of a democratic process existing at the core of this Government has been extinguished. Instead, Cameron is the poster boy for the cronyism and entitlement that is the corrosive impact of the Monarchy on our politics. 

It is an act of pure contempt for the British people and the purported values of a liberal democratic state. 

Out of office, unelected, and recently in the headlines due to his lobbying scandals, Cameron has now been gifted a life-long, unaccountable say over our laws. Appointed in desperation and only by rejecting every possible representative actually elected with a democratic mandate. 

All so he can be the face of the United Kingdom to the world. We the people deserve better than to be presented to the world as an undemocratic relic of the past represented by medieval titles. We deserve a future beyond this corrupt pyramid of Lords and Monarchy. 

You can now catch the full stream of our ‘Scotland’s Republican Future’ panel with Maggie Chapman MSP, Emma Roddick MSP, Cllr. Fatima Joji and a representative from the International Workers of the World Union on YouTube:

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