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No Right to Rule

Our Republic to mark “The Scottish Coronation” event on 5 July with a protest rally at the Scottish Parliament

On Wednesday July 5th, Edinburgh will begrudgingly be the site of yet another coronation event for Charles as he arrives to Scotland on a continuation of his coronation celebrations. In response to this, Our Republic is organising a rally at the Scottish Parliament at 1pm. Our Republic is collaborating with Republic UK, who will be holding a protest targeting the route of the procession to St Giles’.

The vast majority of Scotland didn’t care to celebrate the coronation in May with Support for the Monarchy at an all time low in Scotland, and Charles’ perpetual need to celebrate his reign, with all the pomp and pageantry it requires, is a spit in the face to the people struggling with the cost of living. Food costs, energy prices, rent payments, and mortgage rates are all at an unprecedented high and we’re still expected to host Charles and Camila’s inflated egos. This event follows Charles coronation on May the 6th which featured London’s Metropolitan Police going as far to arrest peaceful protestors in an unprecedented act of political suppression.

Recently, Camila was granted ‘Scotland’s top honour’, an appointment to the Order of the Thistle. Camila has no connection to Scotland. Charles’ brother, Edward, was given the Duchy of Edinburgh as a birthday gift. The monarchy throws these titles around to the point where they are utterly meaningless, and undermine the very concept of honours that are often celebrated as life achievements for those who dedicate themselves to the arts, sports, and their communities. On July 5th Charles will award himself yet again on behalf of a nation he only sees as his subjects. These protests are a vital challenge to his entitlement to rule.

Our Republic is the campaign for a Scottish republic that has an elected head of state which we believe is vital for a modern, progressive, and inclusive society.

Commenting on the event, Our Republic stated:

“Charles Windsor is set to visit Edinburgh next month in order to be presented with the Honours of Scotland at St Giles’ Cathedral.

“The people of Scotland were not asked if he should be given these honours, nor whether he deserves them. Instead he shall claim them because he believes he is entitled to them.

“We will not allow this pretence at legitimacy go unopposed. He does not have the consent of the people of Scotland.”


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