Our Republic is the Scottish cross-party campaign for a republic. We believe that all power should be democratically accountable. The people of Scotland deserve to vote for our head of state.

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  • A Quiet Revolution
    By Reuben Duffy – Member of Our Republic Republicanism in modern Scotland is a strange beast. In spite of the sometimes ferocious constitutional debate, there […]
  • The Duchess’ Porridge Preferences
    By Sasha – Equalities Officer of Our Republic — At Our Republic, we prefer to focus on the positive case for a democracy and criticising […]
  • An Oath to the People
    Rosie Kane MSP’s protest in 2003. Today we are launching our campaign and petition to change the oath of allegiance sworn by our representatives in […]
  • Scotland’s Claim of Right
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic “We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to […]
  • The Mandate to Represent
    By a member of Our Republic Recently, the Times reported that there was a conspiracy for an unconfirmed number of SNP MSPs to immediately defect […]
  • The Case for a Parliamentary Republic
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic During the height of the Brexit negotiations, every day was another day of drama in Westminster. One […]
  • What About a President Tony Blair?
    By Gwen Wall – Equalities Officer of Our Republic — Or Alex Salmond, or Jacob Rees Mogg, or Boris Johnson. Or even our very own […]
  • Featured in The National
    Today we had a feature in The National from Kirsteen Paterson. If you’re a subscriber you can access it via the link, if not we […]
  • Some More Equal Than Others
    By Tristan Gray – Convenor of Our Republic — One of the fundamental values of our society is that everyone is equal under the law. […]